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love is an emotion that nearly everyone has experienced at some time in their life . one would think that with such a familiar concept , researchers would agree on what constitutes love and how to measure it. that has not been the case. most research on love is based on a priori theoretical conceptualizations. it's quite possible that if a researcher start out by defining love and then develops a measure to quantify that conceptualization, the result would tend to reflect this process.
opss : speaking pulax. hehe . biaq la bukan selalu.backgroung music : i love u bie . miss u like crazy yeah.
# just for my boo
rindu sangat sangat sebab today xbolyh cakap fone sangat nak compare degan hari hari lain. adik jadi gila apa xtaw . mintak pinjam fone kat aku . handfone dia batery xdak katanya. err ! nak boh sim DIGI kat fone sony pon xbolyh . xtaw sebab apa. bila masok ja sim dy cakap "INSERT SIM" haa! rasa lagu nak bebai ja. kalaw aku kaya dah lama aku lempaq fone nie. pikiq aku susah ja. tahan sabaq. ahha. hope esok bie bangun awal suboh . solat dulu okey ? sorry kalaw xbolyh kejot bie esok . and malam nie xdak orang nak melalak kat telinga hehe . kalaw x harie harie bie nyanyikan lagu kan ? thnkss bie.
bie . hang tawu xkenapa aku sayang hang sangat ?
okey sini aku nak list 1 by 1 kat hang hhehhe.
  1. caring
  2. happiness
  3. want to be with the person
  4. friendship
  5. free to talk about anything
  6. warm feelings
  7. accept the person the way they are
  8. trust
  9. commitment
  10. sharing
  11. think about the person all the time
  12. sacrifice
  13. understanding
  14. honesty
  15. respect
  16. contentment
  17. euphoria
  18. put the other first
  19. supportive
  20. attachment
  21. closeness
  22. empathy
  23. concern for the person's well being
  24. heart rate increases
  25. helping
  26. feel good about self
  27. forgiveness
  28. have a lot in common
  29. miss the person when we're apart
  30. feel relaxed with the person
  31. giving
  32. liking
  33. security
  34. unconditional
  35. interest in the person
  36. intimacy
  37. laughing
  38. loyalty
  39. physical attraction
  40. uncertainty
  41. affection
  42. butterflies in stomach
  43. compassion
  44. dependency
  45. do things for the person
  46. excitement
  47. kind
  48. the person is important
  49. positive outlook
  50. responsibility
  51. see only the person's good qualities
  52. touching :98:
  53. devotion
  54. energy
  55. gazing at the other
  56. mutual
  57. need each other
  58. openness
  59. patience
  60. protective
  61. scary
  62. wonderful feelings
  63. admiration
  64. comfort
  65. want the best for the person
  66. long-lasting
muahaha. | morning | boo | bobok lah esok ad klass bye love u |


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