fogive me dear


good morning

first of all i'm so sorry about yesterday

dear image44_2.gif.
I always ask for your apologize so what are you doing that to me i say sorry so please forgive me dear do i have to cry to get apologize . now im still waiting until you forgive me i hope you can forgive me dear .

i wanna sorry for you i dont know i hurt you like before i say sorry for you iam sorry i did that i dont know i hurt you like before i say sorry for you i look at you and you smilling at me i will take you to the highest sky day by day i walk from south to north i walk that far try to get apologize .


i wanna see ur face . i miss ur smile . i love you so much dear . please fogive me :face36:


1st Contest by Akma , Wany & Mira

We're gonna put on a CONTEST. image09_2.gif 
It's gonna be amazing, you've all gotta go . 
You won't believe the tricks you'll see. Hey, hey blogger. image98.gif
Where did it go? 
Hey, hey blogger image98.gif. What do you know ? Hey, hey blogger .image98.gif
  .It's a fantastic CONTEST image45_2.gif.  Hey let's JOIN ! 

image43_2.gif look awesome sticky post nie image11_2.gif

" eyh wait image08_2.gif. sedap tak laila menyanyi tadi ? this image38_2.gif special for this contest taw admin ! "

tunggu apa lagi jom la join . just click sticky post kat atas tu then korang boleh chek apa syarat - syarat yang di tetapkan okey .[ mudah sangat . rugi sapa yang tak nak join ] contest nie awesome seriusly sebab owner die pon comel sangat , ayu bertudung hihi :face39: hadiah pun best . nak tahu apa hadiahnya ? :99: la dulu then korang mesti nak join punya. caya lah ! ayoh memeriahkan contest nie image10_2.gif

blogger awesome .


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27 mei 2012


31 mei 2012 image43_2.gif


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