Do Not Judge Until You Understand The Reason

Siti Suhaila

Assalamualaikum. Right now I'm in KEDAH , following my mumy for their work trip. The past few years, some friends been wondering or showing their unusual faces or asking me why do I talk to only certain people not everyone basically. I'm neither being biased nor snobbish. But that's who I am back since kindergarten years. I hardly talk to anyone whom I'm not close with lagi lagi guys. To be truth, I have less Malay guy friends than guy friends from other races. Boleh kira dengan jari berapa kawan lelaki Melayu yang boleh dikira agak rapat. I dont know. Maybe some think saya sombong, etc. Actually, saya tak sombong. Talk to me whenever you want to cause I'll listen to you and give my opinions if you need them. I'll talk whenever it's necessary. If not then I rather keep myself quiet than talk so much. It doesn't mean if I don't talk to you, I don't want to friend you at all. No, no. Saya segan nak cakap. Bila dah selalu rasa segan nak cakap dengan orang yg tak rapat, confirm akan nervous kalau tiba tiba kena cakap dengan orang tu. I love to make new friends. So, yeah just say 'hi' to me or talk to me if you want to and I'll InshaAllah reply you. Kalau tak dengar tu sorry sangat sangat. No hard feelings kay everyone? Chill :) I'll be nice to you, if you be nice to me. I'll respect you, if you respect me. Simple, isn't it? That's all for this time, I guess? Wassalam.


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