i miss you mok !

gemok. where are you ? i miss you so much . im so sorry . i need you .
I lay awake at night with thoughts of you, Missing you so badly my love., dear . Sometimes i wonder if you think of me too. Thinking about the moments we shared, Remembering your touch as you wiped away my tears. The heartbroken looks we exchanged in silence, The day you left and said "goodbye". Now that you're gone I feel so much pain. At night with just the scent of the pillow where you used to lay. I can't think of anything but you, Missing you so badly my love. I long for you to just hold me close in your arms again, To see that look in your eye, and feel your passionate kiss. It's not the same anymore, until you come home to my heart. Missing you so badly. So please come back to me my love, I am here waiting in vain. For you I will be waiting ever so patiently, You are my one and only love. I'll be right here waiting, Same place the day you left me. My love for you is real, please come back. Cause I miss you so badly . i miss your smile darling . please . im so sorry ., i need you .

when i see your smile , and i know it's not for me , that's when i'll miss you


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